Accessorize for Prom With Style

Prom is right around the corner, and while it’s a celebrated high school tradition, if you’re not careful you can end up spending a lot of money on your prom experience. Instead of breaking the bank with the cookie cutter styles and accessories you’ll find at the mall, check out these “prom fashion hacks” from Seventeen Magazine, and personalize your prom experience without spending too much.

Prom ShoesShoes

Everyone knows that your shoes are very important part of the prom outfit, but spending a bunch of money on a pair you’ll probably only wear once is so last season. Instead, grab a pair out of your closet and give them new life by adding a fabric heel harness. You can use a sequined fabric, or something more formal like a solid colored silk. All you have to do is choose the type and look of fabric you want to use, measure out how much to cut, and secure carefully with a hot glue gun. Ta-da – brand new shoes!

You can also use strips of fabric and a glue gun to decorate flip flops for you and your friends to wear around the dance floor when the heels start to hurt your feet. It’ll be so much better dancing in your custom flips than running around barefoot!


Instead of buying a whole new clutch to match your dress and shoes perfectly, why not use some fabric to modify a purse you already have? Using the ribbon and fabric of your choice – and some feathers or other accents if you dare – create a new pattern, and then carefully hot glue it to your old clutch. You’ll save money and end up with a completely original clutch to tote your phone and lipstick at the prom.


Whether you’re attending the prom with a date or rolling in with a bunch of your friends, consider making DIY fabric flowers instead of buying fresh boutonnieres or bouquets. Fabric flowers will not only save you a bit of money, but they’ll also last forever, leaving you with a special keepsake to always remember your prom.

If you love any of these ideas and can’t wait to get started, visit our store in Houston to pick out the fabrics you’ll use. For even more DIY ideas – for prom or for any other occasion – check out our blog!

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