Fall Brings Cooler Weather – And Cool Styles!

It’s officially almost fall, DIYers, which means it’s time to get those fall fashions out of the back of your closet! Inevitably, there will be some stuff back there from last season that you’ll just have to toss or give away to charity. (What were you thinking with the bedazzled legwarmers?!) Luckily, there are plenty of popular do-it-yourself fashion trends for fall that we love at Fabrictopia. Check out some of our favorites below!


Seventeen Magazine says that you should never toss an old denim jacket. Instead, take it into this season by distressing it! You can use microplane – basically a lemon zester – to rub some style into last season’s jacket. Concentrate on areas that would be naturally distressed, like elbows and shoulders. Then, use scissors to rip off pockets, either half way or all the way, and slice slits in sleeves. For an extra touch, stitch in some new fabric to the jacket. You could use pleather to make shoulder or elbow pads, or add a floral design on the pockets. To finish, wash in warm water and trim loose strings. Voila!


Fringe is oh-so-in right now, and you can add fringe easily to any item by simply adding some cut up fabric. Grab a piece of hearty fabric from Fabrictopia in your choice of color and stitch it to a backpack, handbag or pencil case to create an inexpensive, fashion-forward item.

Wrap Skirts

Wrap skirts are another hot fall item, says Fashionsy. You can make one out of any fabric you like, and even add accessories like pockets, zippers or buttons. With a customized wrap, you can look chic and trendy without spending twice as much or more by getting it from a store.

Come on down to Fabrictopia in Houston to gather your supplies, and then get going on that closet! You’ll save tons by doing some updates yourself, and it’ll be a blast, too. Stop in to check out our full selection or call us today at 713-977-0747 for more information on any fabric you’re looking for. 


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