Holiday Outfit Coordination for the Whole Family

As a busy parent, it is hard to find a moment to get everyone together for a nice family photo. That’s why many families schedule a time with a photographer right before the holidays to capture a beautiful moment that can be cherished for years to come – and used for their Christmas card.

But the real question is: What do you wear?

If you are an avid sewer and crafter, this is the perfect occasion to use your skills to create coordinated outfits for the entire family. The most popular sewing project is to create matching dresses for mothers and daughters.

The first step is to decide what type of dress you will be most comfortable in for your photographs. Many women prefer a dress with an empire waist, a maxi dress or an upscale A-line dress that could also be used for a fancy occasion. If you are feeling uncomfortable wearing a dress, you could also combine a skirt and top or choose to wear a simple pant.

After you choose your style, it’s time to make decisions for the rest of the family! For your daughter or daughters, you could create a similar style or a miniature version of your outfit. You will also want to pull together coordinating pieces for your husband and son. The easiest way to do this is to choose a color, color scheme or shades of the same color for each family member to wear and design each outfit around them. For the holidays, many like to wear solid white or black, a red-and-green color scheme or shades of blue.

Another fun and easy way to coordinate outfits is to use the same fabric throughout the various pieces. For example, you could create an A-line satin dress for you to wear, a satin shift dress for your daughter and satin bow ties for your husband and son. You could even use the same fabric to create a ribbon around your waist and another to tie in your daughter’s hair.

If you are skeptical about matching identically, your family could wear the same color scheme and you could incorporate the pattern of your daughter’s outfit into a small portion of your own outfit – from a scarf to a belt! Wearing small amounts of denim is also a simple way to match, but will make your photographs look cohesive.

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