Summer Pageants: What's In Style Right Now?

This pageant season has seen a lot of really cool style trends, and we’re not just talking about the evening gowns. According to The Pageant Planet, there will be tons of flowy tops, cute and comfy skirts, simple jewelry, fun rompers and more on the pageant circuit this season. But we can’t ignore the evening gowns, of course, and the site also noted that the Miss America pageant included a lot of super fashion-forward summer trends that we expect will be popular at pageants all season long. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

CutoutsPageant Dress Styles

There’s no denying the cutout trend this season. From dresses to even swimsuits, all sorts of attire is following the trend of cool one-pieces with super intricate and cool cutouts! The Miss America pageant was no exception, and many of the gorgeous ladies wore dresses for the evening gown portion that included detailed cutouts. It’s the perfect way to take a classically beautiful dress and make it a little more fashion forward and edgy.

Two Pieces

Some contestants also left their classic dresses at home in favor of a two-piece gown. All of the starlets are wearing them these days – and the Miss America contestants did, too! A two-piece dress tends to be more casual than a proper evening gown, but it definitely brings the dress to a new fashion level.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a trend that’s been around for a while, but we think it might be here to stay. Instead of a one-color dress, a color-blocked dress features a single color prominently in one place, and another somewhere else. For example, a gown with a black top portion and a red skirt is color blocked. There’s no denying that this trend makes a statement, and our wide selection of satins are the perfect option for creating the perfect color contrast.


Is there any ignoring this trend on the pageant circuit? Sparkles are always in style! Whether you’re talking about your jewelry or an intricately beaded dress, there are plenty of options for adding a shimmer to your dress with our glitz fabrics or classic quad sequins. A dress featuring these fabrics is sure to shine!

Jewel Tones

This one is a little surprising. Instead of the softer and more floral colors that we tend to see during the summer months, the Miss America ladies wore plenty of jewel tones. The bold colors, paired with the cool new cut out and color-blocked designs, made a huge impression on stage, and is sure to do the same at any pageant on your schedule this summer.

For any DIY dressmakers out there who are spending the summer on the pageant circuit, Fabrictopia has all the fabrics you need to make your one-of-a-kind, fashion-forward gowns! Come on down to our shop in Houston and check out our wide selection of fabrics today!

July 21, 2016