Cool Styles for Warm Winters

Even though most of the country is bundling up when they head out the door, here in Houston we still enjoy mild temperatures even while the central and northern states freeze. While it may be too cool for shorts or skirts, there’s plenty of choice in what you wear during the coolers months. Take a look at some of the best styles options for mild winters below!

Brick - L'Amour SatinProtect Yourself from the Sun

Just because it’s not as warm as the peak of summer doesn’t make the sun any less dangerous. You can still be sunburned during the winter months, which means that you still need to keep your skin protected. Long-sleeve shirts or long dresses or skirts made of a light, breathable material can protect you from UV rays. Satin makes a great shirt material, and we have dozens of colors and patterns for you to make a truly unique option. Thinking of something smaller? Don’t forget scarves – a great casual accessory, even if it’s not blustery outside.

Keep It Loose

Don’t let tight clothes keep you from being comfortable. Loose-fitting clothes will keep you looking good and keep you cool during warmer days. Using wholesale fabric selections from Fabrictopia, you can choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors to perfect your look. Whether you’re making a casual blouse or a stunning skirt or dress, we have hundreds of fabrics for sale with a range of patterns and color options.

The Lighter, The Better

While it may seem counter intuitive, a lighter material is often preferred during the cooler months. Though these materials offer less insulation, you’ll generally be wearing more – long sleeves instead of short- or no-sleeve shirts, for example. With a lighter fabric, your clothing breathes better when there are warmer days or can be easily layered with a light coat or undershirt if the thermometer reads cooler. Light fabrics are a happy medium, and a versatile satin is an excellent choice for casual wear.

Fabrictopia offers a huge selection of fashion fabrics for sale at discounted prices to help you create your own unique fashions. If you would like more information on the products we offer, stop by our store on Harwin Drive in Houston or call us today at 713-977-0747!

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