Get the Right Fabric for Your Quinceanera Dress

The quinceanera is one of the most important celebrations in a young lady's life. Other than her wedding day, this event will be the one day that most signifies a coming of age and maturity more than any other. Fifteen is a memorable age as young women begin to truly embrace their own personal style and develop their lifelong interests and goals.

Quinceanera DressWhat dress to wear to one's quinceanera is a question every celebrant will be pondering for months before the occasion, and each year brings on new fashion trends from which to choose. Should you go traditional and wear an elegantly understated gown, or seek out a dress and fabric that mimics the red carpet styles of the young starlets.

Since the right fabric can make just about any dress style stand out in the crowd, selecting the perfect fabric can be a daunting experience. With such a wide selection of upscale colors and textures to choose from at Fabritopia, though, you are sure to find the fabric that is just right for you.

One of the quinceanera fabric trends for 2016 is taffeta, taffeta and more taffeta. Gowns that are fitted on top and flowing with taffeta from the waist down will make any young lady feel like the star of the ball. Whether you choose white or one of the popular shades from the array of cotton candy pinks, orange sorbet, greens and aqua, taffeta will be beautifully adorned by many quinceanera ladies this year.

If quiet elegance is more your style, organza fabric in smooth cream, ivory or metallic tones are also popular on the quinceanera scene this year. Organza gowns and cocktail dresses in gold and silver tones can make this coming-of-age celebration feel like a royal occasion. Metallic organza dresses, embellished with rhinestones and sequins, are bound to be the talk of the party this year.

For all the fashion trend setters out there who like to create their own trends, color is paramount. The pinks are bright; the whites, ivories and gold tones are dreamy; and the reds are like candy apples. No matter what style of dress or fabric you choose, don't be afraid to be seen as the shining star of your quinceanera party this year and choose the color and fabric that best fits you, who you are and your own individual sense of style.

At Fabrictopia, we have hundreds of different designs, colors and styles of fabric to suit any fashion sense. Stop in and see us on Harwin Drive in Houston today, or call us at 713-977-0747 to learn more.

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