Nigerian Fashion Taking the World by Storm

Have you noticed the incredible fashion coming from Nigeria lately? We sure have, and many celebrities have noticed too, with people like Beyoncé, Fergie and Rhianna recently seen out-and-about in Nigerian-inspired trendy looks.

Nigerian Fashion DesignsNigerian fashion has always been popular, but in recent years, it’s shifted slightly and begun to emulate modern trends that are happening in other parts of the high-fashion world. This new interest in contemporary design has been coupled with Nigeria’s natural inclination towards cultural influence and local design. The result is a really interesting and unique blend of the traditional and the modern, says Fashion PoliceNg. The mix between the classic and the contemporary is giving the country’s fashion a more accessible vibe and allowing more and more people to incorporate Nigerian pieces into their everyday wardrobe.

Another contributing factor to the popularity of Nigeria’s fashion trends can be found on the pages of social media. Popular Nigerian designers have used platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect with fashion lovers all across the world. They use their pages to share ideas and inspiration and to show off their work. The successful use of these social media platforms has led to a serious boost in business and popularity for many Nigerian designers. Plus, with famous celebrities wearing these chic styles, these inspired designs are only growing more and more popular.

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You can find inspiration for your own pieces on the pages of social media sites or, check out some recently snapped photos of celebs wearing Nigerian designers and emulating that fabulous contemporary mixed with traditional style!

February 15, 2016 3 tags (show)