An Overview of Nylon Spandex

Fabrictopia of Houston, Texas, offers a wide variety of fabrics in rich colors, including satins, chiffons, laces and spandex.

If you don’t know much about spandex, here’s the main reason you’ve probably seen it in action: gym leotards. Indeed, if you go to a gym and see people working out, especially women, their leotards are typically made from nylon spandex. That said, both men and women use the fabric in a number of situations, including playing sports, cycling, dancing, swimming, and even for uniforms.

Spandex is a modern day fabric that wasn’t around in centuries past. It’s man made-- aka a “synthetic fiber,” created by researchers who wanted to invent a fabric with great elasticity. Meanwhile, it’s lightweight, supple, and comfy, so people like wearing it.

First developed in 1959, the material is unique because it’s made up of fibers that are both rubbery and rigid. This combination allows the fabric to stretch and recover as well as stay strong and durable over the long haul. It should be noted that the “spandex” fiber is always blended with something else, such as cotton or nylon.

The name spandex is related to word play about the fabric being expandable. In the 1960s, DuPont’s brand of spandex, known as Lycra, made a name for itself via women’s pantyhose and underwear. Then, in the 1980s, women started wearing spandex leggings, and celebrities like Olivia “Let’s Get Physical” Newton-John adopted the fabric as part of their performance costumes. It should be noted that spandex even goes beyond clothing uses-- it can be found in bedding and-- get this-- automotive paneling. It’s truly versatile.

Nylon spandex is primarily known as a fabric for activewear, used by people who do sports, aerobics and general exercises. It’s also found in items like skinny jeans, miniskirts, ski pants, socks, tights, wetsuits, underwear, bra cups, support hose, wrestling singlets, and compression garments. Oh… and one more: superhero outfits!

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July 07, 2017