Reasons to Learn How to Sew

Too bad we can’t go back to the good old days when grandmas and moms almost universally taught their kids to sew. Before the Wal-martization of America, where anyone can now buy cheap clothing to replace anything that has lost a button or has a hole, people were much more self-reliant and had actual skills, like sewing, in their daily arsenal of life skills. Back then, it was a matter of personal pride that one could sew. Today? Not so much.

That said, what are some decent reasons to learn how to sew in the times we live in?

First, sewing can become an outlet for creativity. With sewing, a person can make things for themselves and others, and these things, whether a blanket, dress or pillowcase, allow for self-expression. There’s a certain sense of personal satisfaction in knowing “I made this!”

Next, sewing helps people save money. Rather than just throw out or donate an older piece of clothing because it’s no longer “perfect,” sewing allows a person to make that article of clothing great again. Something as simple as sewing a patch on some torn jeans costs a couple dollars to do, which is better than spending upwards of $50 on a brand new pair of jeans.

Also, if you want to create something that’s truly one-of-a-kind, sewing will get you there. For instance, say you love a certain color and fabric--You could sew an article of clothing or an accessory that features your personal preferences. Indeed, sewing opens you up to making tote bags, purses, scarves, pouches, and accessories where you get to decide the color, shape, style, and more.

By the way, if you see a dress in a movie, like the gorgeous orange one in “Under The Tuscan Sun,” and want to re-create that, then sewing can make it so. Many people sew their own version of famous dresses they see in movies and on the fashion runways of Paris and Milan.

Finally, sewing is a stress reducer. In this crazy world where we are bombarded by 24-hour news-- most of which is bad news-- isn’t it nice to know you can retreat to the world of sewing where you’re creating something new and good? Sewing can be peaceful and comforting in many ways, bringing joy to all those involved from creating items to giving them as gifts and receiving them, too.

May 22, 2017 1 tags (show)