Distinctly Different: Comparing Satin and Taffeta

Prom season and wedding season are both upon us, and if you’re making your own dress, but not sure where to start, Fabrictopia is here today to help. The best place to start is to choose your material. Two of the most common, elegant choices are satin and taffeta, which may seem similar at a glance, but actually have several distinctive differences.   

Weight and Shine

Both satin and taffeta are popular choices for formalwear when it comes to DIY dresses for prom or any other special occasion, but they both offer different advantages. According to Kids Formal, the main difference between the two types of fabric comes down to the weight and the sheen.

If you choose satin to make your dress, it’ll feel smooth to the touch, almost like silk, and will have a gleam or shimmer to it that’ll reflect the light. Taffeta, by contrast, looks like satin when you first see it, but it has a more textured feel. It’s a bit stiffer, and tends to be a bit less shiny than satin.

The Right Fabric for the Right Apparel

Now that you know the difference in the look and weight of the two fabrics, the best fabric for the job also depends on what type of dress you want to make.

Since satin isn’t quite as stiff as taffeta, it’s the better choice if you’re making a form-fitting or tight dress. It’ll give you a bit of stretch, making it easier to shape to create a form-fitting pattern.

If you’re going for a full princess skirt, or a ballroom-type gown, taffeta is the better choice. Taffeta holds its volume and shape better than satin, says Leaf, which will give your dress a sturdier feel. Your skirt won’t look loose or too flowy, and it’ll keep its shape long into the evening.

At Fabrictopia, we offer both satin and taffeta fabrics in many colors and patterns, and we know we have the perfect option for you to use to make your prom or wedding dress. Come on by to our store in Houston on Harwin Drive and check out the fabrics we have available. Our talented staff can help you find the perfect material and our on-site seamstress can offer your tips and recommendations for completing your projects at home. Stop in today or call us at 713-977-0747.  

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