Distinctly Different: Comparing Satin and Taffeta

Prom season and wedding season are both upon us, and if you’re making your own dress, but not sure where to start, Fabrictopia is here today to help. The best place to start is to choose your material. Two of the most common, elegant choices are satin and taffeta, which may seem similar at a glance, but actually have several distinctive differences.   

Weight and Shine

Both satin and taffeta are popular choices for formalwear when it comes to DIY dresses for prom or any other special occasion, but they both offer different advantages. According to Kids Formal, the main difference between the two types of fabric comes down to the weight and the sheen.

If you choose satin to make your dress, it’ll feel smooth to the touch, almost like silk, and will have a gleam or shimmer to it that’ll reflect the light. Taffeta, by contrast, looks like satin when you first see it, but it has a more textured feel. It’s a bit stiffer, and tends to be a bit less shiny than satin.

The Right Fabric for the Right Apparel

Now that you know the difference in the look and weight of the two fabrics, the best fabric for the job also depends on what type of dress you want to make.

Since satin isn’t quite as stiff as taffeta, it’s the better choice if you’re making a form-fitting or tight dress. It’ll give you a bit of stretch, making it easier to shape to create a form-fitting pattern.

If you’re going for a full princess skirt, or a ballroom-type gown, taffeta is the better choice. Taffeta holds its volume and shape better than satin, says Leaf, which will give your dress a sturdier feel. Your skirt won’t look loose or too flowy, and it’ll keep its shape long into the evening.

At Fabrictopia, we offer both satin and taffeta fabrics in many colors and patterns, and we know we have the perfect option for you to use to make your prom or wedding dress. Come on by to our store in Houston on Harwin Drive and check out the fabrics we have available. Our talented staff can help you find the perfect material and our on-site seamstress can offer your tips and recommendations for completing your projects at home. Stop in today or call us at 713-977-0747.  

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Three Free Sewing Patterns for Spring

Are you looking forward to warmer weather and the smell of spring? After the Christmas crafting push, we’re looking forward to everything that spring has to offer. As you anxiously await the warmer weather, now is the perfect time to get a jump start on some springtime creations. Not only does working on spring apparel help you get through the cooler, darker months, but it also offers you plenty of time to relax through these projects and let your creativity seep in.

Here are a few free sewing patterns for the spring time that combine style with creativity and yet remain practical.

Easy Five Minute Skirt

Who doesn’t love a project that only takes five minutes? This is a great first-time sewing project from Angry Chicken that’s perfect to try with friends or little ones. Add your own personal creative touches like embroidery, fun patterns or luxurious spring fabrics. When making this skirt, and with Easter coming up soon, using mint rosette satin can create a vintage flair with a pastel look.

Gathered Skirt with Pockets

This is a fantastic design option – after all, who doesn’t love a skirt with pockets? This sweet, simple skirt design from Purl Soho can be made in a variety of sizes, meaning your could make matching skirts for all your daughters or to match with your best friend! Try a simple cotton/linen blend for a soft, natural look, or jazz up your style with a bright and beautiful satin.

Easter Basket

Everyone loves holiday traditions, and heading into Easter, one of the most common ideas to keep in mind is the Easter basket. This novel twist on tradition from Melly Sews allows you to make a custom fabric Easter basket in your choice of color combinations, perfect to match to each of your children’s personalities or preferences. Try combining the bright orange l’amour satin with the brick satin to create a springy and shiny look that’s sure to spread Easter cheer through your whole family.

What projects do you have planned for this spring season? Whatever you’re thinking of creating, be sure to check out Fabrictopia in Houston. We’ve got a great range of fabrics in all styles and colors, allowing you to find all the supplies you need at great prices. Speaking of great prices, now through Feb. 28, customers can enjoy our Second Anniversary Sale, with 50 percent off selected laces and 60 percent off closeout items. Stop in and shop our full selection today!

Don’t forget to share your projects with us on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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What’s Going to Be Hot for Spring Fashion Colors?

Although many fashionistas love the warm and cozy winter garbs they get to pull together for the season, it won’t be long before we all are wishing for spring again. Pantone must have known that our winter blues would soon be setting in because they have released their 2017 Spring Fashion Color Report. That means it is time for us crafters to hunker down and get started on some spring fashion items to be ready to show off in the springtime sun.

This year’s mix of hues give off a wave of calm with a spike of excitement. Pantone chose 10 spring colors with natural vibes – both vivid and earthy. The first color, called Niagara, is a classic denim-like blue that breathes comfort. And, when paired with Primrose Yellow – a warm, joyful yellow – it could make a beautiful top and cardigan set for spring. You could even choose to mix in white and create a floral pattern in a capri pant.

If you are seeking a brighter, more intense blue for your spring creations, Pantone’s Lapis Blue is exactly what you are looking for. Comparable to cobalt, Lapis Blue is the perfect statement color for a bold scarf or a simple spring shift dress. Tone it down with a color like Kale, a foliage-based green, to bring together a natural ocean-meets-land type of outfit. Lush Kale could also be used in accent pieces like a shawl, shoes or large brimmed hat.

Two of the subtler colors in Pantone’s collection – Pale Dogwood, a peaceful pink, and Hazelnut, an earthy nude – will both be easy to incorporate into your sewing projects for spring. Both colors could be layered in a camisole or tank top with one of Pantone’s brighter spring colors like Greenery, a flourishing yellow-green, or Pink Yarrow, a tropical pink. Try incorporating these colors into your outfits by making silk belts, organza headbands or long-sleeved, lightweight sweaters.

For another beautiful combination of bright and calm, get ready to walk out into a spring day in Flame, a theatrical red-based orange, or Island Paradise, a refreshing aqua. For an upscale occasion, create a flame A-line dress with an Island Paradise shawl and shoes to match. This intriguing color combination will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

For more ideas on how to mix and match fabrics and Pantone’s colors, visit Fabrictopia! Open Monday through Saturday in Houston, our friendly staff is ready to help turn your dreary winter into a fun sewing session for the spring. Learn more by stopping in to see us on Harwin Drive today or call us at 713-977-0747.

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Create Custom Placemats for the Holidays

Is your whole family coming over for the holidays this year? Whether you’re hosting an informal family dinner or a refined and elegant occasion with distant relatives, you want your table to look its best for the festive season. With all these kids, extra relatives and large, heavy dishes, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have some added protection on the table as well.

At Fabrictopia, we want to help you make your table look nice and protect it at the same time this holiday – with custom placemat options!

Placemats are an excellent way to add some color and flair to a table setting, and they’ll also keep messy spills and heavy plates from damaging the surface below. And with our endless array of fabric colors and patterns, you can customize your look however you want.

Looking for a sturdy, solid festive red or a light blue to channel the winter feeling? Or perhaps a more whimsical lace-like pattern, providing a look more appropriate for an elegant affair? No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, we’re sure to have something that fits your needs. And don’t forget the kid’s table! The young members of the family may not be happy about their exile to the smaller table, but you can jazz up their arrangements too with some of our more fun and sparkly sequin and “glitz” options.

We also offer various materials including satin, taffeta, spandex, nylon and more, so whether you’re dressing up the table or your wardrobe, you can find what you need with us. Head on down to 6959 Harwin Drive in Houston to see us today and get everything you need to have a great Thanksgiving this year!

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Fall in Fashion: Trendy Items to Make Your Own

The seasons are changing and you know what that means: it’s time for a serious wardrobe update. Luckily for you, instead of dropping tons of money on new fall and winter fashions at the hottest boutique, Fabrictopia is here with some awesome make-your-own fashion trends. Check out some of our favorites below.


The Houston area isn’t exactly known for its snowy season, but that doesn’t mean a cozy fall scarf is out of the question! Rather than buying a new scarf, why not make your own? For warmer winter climates like ours, it’s important to choose a light fabric that’s breathable, but still fall-chic. Rather than choosing a warm flannel, go with a cotton blend in a dark, fall hue. If you’re into the trendy, rough-cut edges we’re seeing on tons of scarfs this season, simply slice the size you want from a bolt of fabric, wrap and wear. To avoid sewing, you can also snip fringe into your scarf, and knot them together to prevent fraying. Whatever way you choose, this DIY project is low maintenance and will give you a completely custom look that’s easy and affordable! 

Metallic Touch

Another popular fall trend is adding a metallic detail to clothing, says Elle. These simple additions take any item from ordinary to elegant, and add a sparkle and sheen to your chic look. Try exploring a touch of satin as an option, as these shimmering fabrics stand out and offer a range of stylish metallic colors that can accent any piece of clothing.


There’s no doubt that the ‘90s are back with the choker trend, but this fall the trend is that more is better. That means instead of the simple ribbon styles that we all loved two decades ago, now statement chokers are in. Covering the whole neck, these necklaces are meant to stand out in your outfit. Try making your own from cotton, satin or velvet in your favorite fall color. You can even add a statement decoration like a bead or a broach to make it extra unique.

No matter what’s getting you inspired this season, stop by Fabrictopia to get what you need to update your fall wardrobe update. Find the fabrics that you need by stopping in to see us today on Harwin Drive in Houston or call us at 713-977-0747 for help finding the right fabrics for you.


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Six Custom Gifts for the Holiday Season

Have you ever walked into a store during the holidays and thought, “I could make that myself!” The fact is, you probably can, and with Fabrictopia’s wide array of fabrics, you can find all the supplies you need for your custom holiday gifts in one place!

Trying to narrow down your gift-making options? We have got you covered with our top six picks for custom DIY holiday gifts.


Every woman loves scarves. Both warm and cozy, making a light, decorative scarf is easy and can be a versatile clothing item worn for many occasions. Plus, when giving the gift of a scarf, you don’t have to worry about size! If you decide to make a luxurious scarf, we recommend using rosette satin. Go with plum and black for a winter look or coral and yellow for a springtime piece. 

Shawl Wraps

If you are looking for a gift that is sure to impress, an elegant shawl designed specifically for an upscale night out on the town is the perfect DIY project for you. A shawl with lace will class up any event and can be made beautifully even if you are on a budget. Fabrictopia suggests coco paisley lace in champagne for a more reserved gift recipient or fuchsia for someone with a more outgoing personality.


Searching for a hip DIY gift for a millennial on your gift list? Jump on the poncho trend! Your niece or nephew, grandson or granddaughter will surely love a custom-made poncho that no one else will have. Plus, they are easy to make! For an upgrade on the traditional poncho, line the inside with satin. If your gift recipient has a bright personality, consider using a pop of color like dark orange or brick pink to peep out from beneath the poncho.

Fabric Cover Journals

Everyone has that one writer they are always trying to find the perfect gift for. Flex your DIY muscles for this unique holiday gift: a custom-made fabric covered journal. Choose a cheap journal online or at your local store (you are going to cover it up anyways) and select a fabric the best fits your writer’s personality. We suggest using organza, spandex nylon or a combination of fabrics in his or her favorite colors.


Let’s face it: most people buy cheap placemats for convenience, not style, while others don’t have any at all. That’s why a DIY fabric placemat set is the perfect gift for a friend, co-worker or family member. Instead of spending money on a placemat set from the store, you can easily sew a set together for a fraction of the cost. Fabrictopia suggests making them truly stand out by adding glitz or quad sequins into the design.


A woman can never have too many purses – especially when they receive a bag nobody else in the world has. Skip the store-bought designer purse and create a DIY bag for the perfect holiday gift. You could make a casual hobo-style bag for a laid-back friend or a fancy clutch for a family member who often goes out. We think using a combination of satin and chemical lace is sure to create a unique masterpiece.

Looking for even more DIY holiday gifts? Visit our seamstress in store to discuss your ideas and find the best fabric for your project or call Fabrictopia at 713-977-0747 to find out if we have your favorite fabric in stock.

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Custom Table Linens Can Add Charm to Your Big Event

Custom linens can really make your table pop at your next party. From a wedding or office holiday celebration to a Halloween or a football party, custom table linens can bring charm and personality to your gathering. The color options available for these unique linens are endless.


Metallics, which can be added to any color or even simply chosen in your favorite color, can add some sparkle and shine to any party. If a color theme is not your style, gold and silver can be combined to create a neutral and dazzling effect for your celebration.

Bold, Rich Colors

Rich colors, in fabrics ranging from the lightest-weight cotton to L’amour Satin, are perfect for parties with a bold theme, such as Halloween celebrations. Picture an orange, plum or black table linen covering the punch table or snacks area. You could even add some lace trim to the edges to create a spider web-like look.

Single Patterns

For parties with a sports theme, “sporty style” is simple. Pick the colors that support your team and turn them into a simple yet tasteful single-color pattern to dress up your sports-themed occasion.

Fabric Selection

Color options are not the only way to make your custom table linens unique at your next party. Different material choices can also bring depth and personality to your party.


Cotton is versatile, and available in various weights, colors, patterns and styles. It is also popular due to it being a natural fiber fabric.


Linen is the ultimate summer fabric. It’s lightweight, and will make your guests imagine the perfect sunny, breezy day. Linen also dries quickly when wet, so spills at your party are nothing to worry about!


Silk is a luxurious material that will surely make your guests feel like royalty.

Custom Designs

No matter what color or material you choose for the custom table linens at your next party, any design can be made more unique. Consider adding a trim with lace, tulle or ribbons and more.

For more information on the perfect table linens or to purchase the perfect fabrics for your occasion, call Fabrictopia today at 713-977-0747 or stop in and see us on Harwin Drive in Houston today.



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Get Help with Your Projects at Fabrictopia

Have you ever started on a sewing or fabric project and felt stuck? Have you tried to find advice online with no luck, or wished you could ask a professional for help?

Fabrictopia is excited to announce that we now have a seamstress consultant available at our Houston store location to help you with custom clothing designs and table linens! Anyone who needs advice or tips can stop by and speak with her to improve your DIY sewing and fabric projects.

Our new consultant is here to help as you begin choosing your fall and winter clothing patterns. Whether you need help deciding on the perfect fabric for an upscale winter dress for work or a holiday party or on how to make a trendy blanket top, like this fun one from LoveSpunk, or cozy cross plunging sweater, Fabrictopia is here to make your project a breeze.

You can also get help from our seamstress with your creative custom table linens for any occasion. With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time for advice on how to make a Thanksgiving- or Christmas-themed table set. Plus, Fabrictopia’s consultant can give you tips on popular patterns you may find online, like these six darling tablecloth projects from Craftsy. Now your Pinterest pins can become a reality!

In addition to stopping by Fabrictopia for a consultation, you can stock up on the latest premier fabrics, from satin to organza to specialty lace. No matter your skill level, at Fabrictopia you can find the ideal fashion fabrics you need to finish your creative project – and at affordable prices! Select from hundreds of vivid colors and textures to make your fabric project dreams come true, and find everything you need to add fanciful embellishments like glitz, sequins and more!

Stop by Fabrictopia today at 6959 Harwin Drive in Houston and discover all that we have to offer!

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Best Fabrics for Summer Clothing

Here comes the heat – and with it, the summer wardrobe. When shopping for summer fabrics to use in your next chic sewing project, remember to look for something lightweight and breathable and avoid fabric that is heavy and ornate. Trust us, you will thank yourself when you are out in the blazing sun. To help narrow down your choices, here are our top four favorite fabrics for summer clothing.


We’re sure you saw this one coming, but cotton is a versatile fabric that can be used for all your projects – not just summer ones. Available in different weights, colors, patterns and styles, cotton can be transformed into a variety of stylish, warm-weather garments. Plus, this natural fiber fabric is durable and comfy. How can you go wrong with that?


The ultimate summer fabric, linen is breathable and light – perfect for a sunny, breezy day. The fine threads of linen help the material dry faster when wet, which is why this is a popular choice for the beach. Sew a pair of loose pants or an airy dress that can be dressed up or down all summer long. Want to make yourself ever cooler? Choose a light color fabric to help reflect light and heat.


Are you looking to sew a tube dress or large, flowy top for the summer? Rayon should be your fabric of choice! This man-made material is composed from natural cellulose, and this comfy fabric will help keep you cool if you are experiencing a scorcher. Plus, it will absorb humidity, helping you feel lighter and ready to seize the day instead of tired and weighed down.


Are we really suggesting silk? Yes, yes we are. Although dreaded sweat stains may appear on silk, it is a natural fiber that is excellent at beating the heat and humidity. This luxurious material will make you feel like a queen and can create a light, comfortable garment. If you are still a little skeptical, sew a fancy blouse and out-on-the-town dress to wear during cooler, summer nights.

No matter your inspiration for your one-of-a-kind summer sewing project, Fabrictopia can help you find the perfect fabric to make you feel ready for a day in the sun or a hot summer night. Find the ideal lightweight materials you are searching for by visiting the Fabrictopia store on Harwin Drive in Houston, or call us today at 713-977-0747 for even more information on picking the perfect fabrics for warm weather.

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Save During Pageant Season - DIY Dress Ideas

Pageant season is almost upon us, and you know what that means – it’s time for a new dress! If you buy a dress off the rack for a pageant this year, it can cost you a fortune, and you run the risk of having the same style as someone else. Fortunately, you can have your own style and save money by creating your own dresses. Here are some DIY dress ideas from Fabrictopia.

The first thing you’ll need to do is review the pageant’s attire guidelines. Make sure that you’re aware of any length, color or style stipulations before you get started. Once you know what kind of rules you’re working with, you and your pageant star can visit our store to pick out the perfect fabric!

You’ll likely want to select a material that’s shiny and eye-catching, but not too over the top. The fabric should be a color and style that your girl will love wearing on stage. For people who have no experience in dressmaking, you might want to start with a simple, inexpensive dress in the same color as your chosen fabric to use as a base.

Once you see how the base dress fits on your daughter, you’ll start to get an idea of what you need to do to transform the simple dress into a pageant-worthy gown. Adding layers of fabric and tulle to the base dress can go a long way to adding some glitz and glam. You can even use tulle as a base with a solid-color fabric to finish off the skirt to create a ball gown look.

If you’re adding sleeves, you might want to use a pattern that you find online as a guideline. Clothing Patterns 101 offers a few options, including this easy-to-make cap sleeve.

Once your extra fabric is added to the base dress, you’ll have the form of the pageant gown. Now, all that is left to do is add embellishments, sparkle and style! If your pageant girl is fashion forward, ask her for some input on the finishing touches. She’ll be even more excited to wear the dress on stage if she had a hand in creating it!

We wish you and your little competitor the best at your pageant, and we’d love to see the dresses you’ve created! Stop in and let us help you find the right fabric today, and don’t forget to stop back or email us a picture so we can see you and your little one’s creativity at work!

To learn more or to inquire about specific fabric options, swing by the store on Harwin Drive in Houston, or call us today at 713-977-0747.



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