Halloween Is Coming! Get Your Costume Fabrics Here

As the grocery stores start loading their front entrances with orange and yellow pumpkins and dedicate entire aisles to mounds of colorful candy, one word comes to mind: Halloween.

DIY Halloween CostumeFrom the family-friendly parties and trick-or-treating to the trips to eerie haunted houses and horror movies, Halloween delivers a way for everyone to celebrate. Unique from many other holidays, Halloween provides one night a year when we can transform into someone – or something – completely new and unexpected. Masks and costumes help us create the illusion of what we are trying to be, from social statements to pure fun and mischief.

The worst part about Halloween is running into someone at a party or event with the same store-bought costume as you. After all, there are only so many pre-made costumes for ghosts, witches and pumpkins. The best way to ensure your costume is unique and tailored only to you? Make it yourself!

Novices and advanced costumers alike can create wonderful, magical Halloween costumes with the help of the right supplies. The first item to check off your list? Fabric from Fabrictopia.

Fabrictopia offers a large variety of fashionable fabrics in rich colors, including light to heavyweight satins, chiffons, laces and spandex. While store-bought costumes prove expensive – especially if you need to buy separate accessories to complete your outfit – making your own outfit with fabrics from Fabrictopia gives you the best value for your dollar, offering high-quality products at discount warehouse prices.

Create a beautiful dress in a mint, plum or black satin fabric, or put on a stellar performance as a rock star with some sequin glitz. Looking for something a little spooky? Use lace to add a spider web effect to your Halloween costume. Fabrics like tissue lame and taffeta will make your costume the life of the party, while you will find spandex nylon extremely useful for a wide range of costume ideas.

Ready to get creative? If you get stuck on your project, Fabrictopia can help! Make your dream costume a reality with the help of our on-site seamstress who can lend you her expert eye to help make your imagination into reality.

Halloween is truly a holiday where you can let loose and have fun. Check out Fabrictopia today on Harwin Drive in Houston and get the fabulous fabrics and inspiring ideas for your special costume!
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