A Sequential History of Sequins

Sequins bring people together! Do you know what links an ancient King of Egypt to the King of Pop? If you guessed sequins, you are correct!

These tiny decorative disks date back to the 12th century. When King Tut’s tomb was excavated in 1922, it contained garments covered in gold disks, thought to provide wealth in the afterlife. These were early forms of sequins, notes Smithsonian.com.

Fuschia Glitz SequinsLeonardo Da Vinci had also thought about these fashion accessories – among his many other inventions. He had once drawn what appeared to be a large, primitive hole-punch that was used on a metal sheet rather than paper. This would produce tiny metal disks, which would be considered – you guessed it – sequins.

We all know Michael Jackson made some famous fashion statements in his time, and during the 1980s, he was known to wear a black sequin jacket. This was in addition to his iconic white, rhinestone-studded glove, which can be considered the most heightened form of sequins. Maybe it was his way of defining himself as a solo artist after he rose to fame with the Jackson 5, but whatever it was, the sequins worked. He had a huge impact on fashion and pop-culture.

Sequins are readily available today, not limited to Egyptian god-kings or kings or pop. Available in many different colors, textures and styles, Fabrictopia has a cornucopia of sequin fabric options for you to choose from. Take a look at all the sequin fabrics on our website or in our store, from champagne glitz to fuschia quad styles. Not only do we have ample fabrics to choose from, we also sell them for an incredibly low price.

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