The Many Benefits of Lace Fabrics

Grandmother was so excited to hear the news. “My daughter just called. She and her husband are having a baby girl,” she told her best friend. The two women smiled at each other over a cup of coffee at the local diner. “I cannot wait to be a grandma! And I’m so happy she’s having a little girl. I plan to dress her up just like a doll and take her everywhere with me, showing her off, of course.” Indeed, many grandmothers and mothers have looked forward to taking care of little girls in their lives.

Now little boys generally don’t get dressed in lace. But little girls? They do! Lace fabric can be elastic or inelastic, as well as embroidered and/or patterned. Now lace fabric is also relatively thin and delicate, so it’s not for “rough and tumble” types. It’s no wonder, then, that millions of grandmothers and mothers around the world seek out dainty lace fabric to make cute little outfits for the granddaughters and daughters in their lives. Furthermore, lace accessories are popular-- perhaps a headband or bow to wear on the little girl’s head, right? Can you imagine how adorable she’d look in the pictures?

What mom hasn’t called her little girl her “angel?” With that in mind, a white angelic dress with lace elements is the perfect way to dress up the perfect little angel. Lace is soft and comfortable. It can be colorful and detailed if need be. And it’s the ultimate “girly” fabric.

Interestingly, lace is innocent when worn by babies, but it can be-- how shall we say--- suggestive when that little girl grows up to become a woman.

The chief benefit of lace on women of a certain age-- say, her 20s, 30s and well beyond-- is that it makes them look and feel great! Lace is a wonderful fabric for women to have at their disposal.

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January 19, 2018