Christmas Gift Ideas for Sewers

According to the Wikipedia definition, sewing is the craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread. As an ancient textile art, sewing has been around for generations-- even during the Stone Age. Without sewing, people would have a hard time finding any clothes to wear!

With Christmas coming, what are some Christmas gift ideas for the people who sew in your life?

Here are ten good ideas:

1) Flowerhead pins are handy because they lie flat under acrylic rulers and they won’t melt.

2) People who sew can always use more fabric. Fabrictopia of Houston is where you can get great fabrics!

3) In order to make accurate cuts, consider giving a sewing/quilting ruler. These differ from typical rulers because they offer gripping ability (to keep from slipping when using a rotary cutter) and they’re transparent.

4) A mini-iron helps smooth things out when needed.

5) To keep all the pins in one place without them falling all over the floor, give your sewing friend a magnetic pin cushion for Christmas.

6) For those who have to cut fabric, how about a rotary cutter with extra replacement blades? You can also give a rotary cutting mat.

7) In order to cut fabric, specialty scissors come in handy, especially a pair of 8” long-lasting dressmaker sheers and/or 4” embroidery scissors.

8) Help them learn some new techniques regarding pattern fitting and design by buying them sewing books for Christmas.

9) Buy various threads to be used for embroidery purposes. And then give a thread organizer box, too, so they have somewhere to efficiently store them all.

10) Finally, a new sewing machine would be a great gift! Brand names like Bernina, Brother and Pfaff are good choices. Better yet, ask them what their dream machine is, and then get them that one!

In the Houston area, a great place to shop for Christmas gifts for your sewing friends and family members is Fabrictopia. Located at 2950 Fondren Rd., Fabrictopia is a discount fabric store featuring satins, sequins, lace, organza, lame, taffeta, spandex nylon and more. As a wholesale/retail outlet, Fabrictopia has a wide variety to choose from; call 713-977-0747 with any questions you might have. We’re happy to help you find the perfect Christmas gift fabric!


December 07, 2017