Tips for Using Sequins

Pink and Red Sequin Fabric

It’s interesting to think about great entertainers, especially those of yesteryear. What did most of them have in common? Sequins-- especially in the 1970s.

Many famous entertainers have worn sequins because they embellish their overall look, capturing the lights and attention of all those who see them. Sequins sparkle, and for that they’re popular in entertainment circles. Sequins have never gone out of style. Today’s top performers like Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are well-known for their outfits featuring sequins.

What Are Sequins?

What are sequins exactly? They’re disk-shaped and flattened beads used on costumes and clothing to enhance the overall look. In olden times, sequins started out as coins worn by people who wanted to show off their wealth-- the more you wore, the richer you were!

How Sequins Can Help Your Style

Sequins are known for reflecting light so they add a richness to clothing that really turns heads. They can be round in shape, or other shapes such as octagons, hexagons, hearts, flowers or starbursts. Some have an opalescent or iridescent sheen to them, while others are clear.

When working with sequins, it’s best to use just as many as needed to get attention without “overdoing it.” Keep in mind that sometimes there will be gaps when applying a whole bunch within close proximity-- that’s okay. To apply sequins use whatever you deem necessary to keep them in place, from glue to pins, for example. Many people sew them onto fabric projects as trim.

If you want sequins to turn and sparkle, attach them loosely to allow movement. For those of you who want the sequins to reflect light in a great way, choose metallic finish ones-- these work well for things such as dance costumes.

Remember-- less is more. Start out with a few sequins and add as needed. With sequins, a little goes a long way.

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November 06, 2017