Custom Table Linens Can Add Charm to Your Big Event

Custom linens can really make your table pop at your next party. From a wedding or office holiday celebration to a Halloween or a football party, custom table linens can bring charm and personality to your gathering. The color options available for these unique linens are endless.


Metallics, which can be added to any color or even simply chosen in your favorite color, can add some sparkle and shine to any party. If a color theme is not your style, gold and silver can be combined to create a neutral and dazzling effect for your celebration.

Bold, Rich Colors

Rich colors, in fabrics ranging from the lightest-weight cotton to L’amour Satin, are perfect for parties with a bold theme, such as Halloween celebrations. Picture an orange, plum or black table linen covering the punch table or snacks area. You could even add some lace trim to the edges to create a spider web-like look.

Single Patterns

For parties with a sports theme, “sporty style” is simple. Pick the colors that support your team and turn them into a simple yet tasteful single-color pattern to dress up your sports-themed occasion.

Fabric Selection

Color options are not the only way to make your custom table linens unique at your next party. Different material choices can also bring depth and personality to your party.


Cotton is versatile, and available in various weights, colors, patterns and styles. It is also popular due to it being a natural fiber fabric.


Linen is the ultimate summer fabric. It’s lightweight, and will make your guests imagine the perfect sunny, breezy day. Linen also dries quickly when wet, so spills at your party are nothing to worry about!


Silk is a luxurious material that will surely make your guests feel like royalty.

Custom Designs

No matter what color or material you choose for the custom table linens at your next party, any design can be made more unique. Consider adding a trim with lace, tulle or ribbons and more.

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