Six Custom Gifts for the Holiday Season

Have you ever walked into a store during the holidays and thought, “I could make that myself!” The fact is, you probably can, and with Fabrictopia’s wide array of fabrics, you can find all the supplies you need for your custom holiday gifts in one place!

Trying to narrow down your gift-making options? We have got you covered with our top six picks for custom DIY holiday gifts.


Every woman loves scarves. Both warm and cozy, making a light, decorative scarf is easy and can be a versatile clothing item worn for many occasions. Plus, when giving the gift of a scarf, you don’t have to worry about size! If you decide to make a luxurious scarf, we recommend using rosette satin. Go with plum and black for a winter look or coral and yellow for a springtime piece. 

Shawl Wraps

If you are looking for a gift that is sure to impress, an elegant shawl designed specifically for an upscale night out on the town is the perfect DIY project for you. A shawl with lace will class up any event and can be made beautifully even if you are on a budget. Fabrictopia suggests coco paisley lace in champagne for a more reserved gift recipient or fuchsia for someone with a more outgoing personality.


Searching for a hip DIY gift for a millennial on your gift list? Jump on the poncho trend! Your niece or nephew, grandson or granddaughter will surely love a custom-made poncho that no one else will have. Plus, they are easy to make! For an upgrade on the traditional poncho, line the inside with satin. If your gift recipient has a bright personality, consider using a pop of color like dark orange or brick pink to peep out from beneath the poncho.

Fabric Cover Journals

Everyone has that one writer they are always trying to find the perfect gift for. Flex your DIY muscles for this unique holiday gift: a custom-made fabric covered journal. Choose a cheap journal online or at your local store (you are going to cover it up anyways) and select a fabric the best fits your writer’s personality. We suggest using organza, spandex nylon or a combination of fabrics in his or her favorite colors.


Let’s face it: most people buy cheap placemats for convenience, not style, while others don’t have any at all. That’s why a DIY fabric placemat set is the perfect gift for a friend, co-worker or family member. Instead of spending money on a placemat set from the store, you can easily sew a set together for a fraction of the cost. Fabrictopia suggests making them truly stand out by adding glitz or quad sequins into the design.


A woman can never have too many purses – especially when they receive a bag nobody else in the world has. Skip the store-bought designer purse and create a DIY bag for the perfect holiday gift. You could make a casual hobo-style bag for a laid-back friend or a fancy clutch for a family member who often goes out. We think using a combination of satin and chemical lace is sure to create a unique masterpiece.

Looking for even more DIY holiday gifts? Visit our seamstress in store to discuss your ideas and find the best fabric for your project or call Fabrictopia at 713-977-0747 to find out if we have your favorite fabric in stock.

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